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Digital marketing

At Advapro, we help our clients connect and engage with the target audiences needed for their products and services. Our holistic utilization of professionalism, specialised strategies and adequate analytics models enables us to monitor, evaluate and manage our clients‟ various digital/social media campaigns.

We connect, engage and analyse your brand in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Customized Children’s books

We develop specially crafted children's books that are customized to effectively suit our clients‟ purpose. Whatever the requirement; whether to create awareness for a particular product or just show appreciation for the children, we infuse educational contents, to help our clients achieve their required objectives, while also creating an emotive connection between the children and the brand. These books are readily available online.

Brand strategy Development

We devise branding and marketing strategies, create brand identities, design marketing collaterals and execute digital marketing campaigns that cut through the clutter, and make an impact. This we achieve by having a brand strategy development plan from conception to actualization.

Brand engagement & activation

We develop communication programs to bridge gaps between customers and brands. Our unique style, creativity and passion makes us your best bet for community engagement and activations. Whether it‟s a new or pre-existing product, we assist your product reach your required target audience, provide customer feedback and exposure.

In-store branding

Our Strategic partnership, expertise enables us to use every opportunity to help you differentiate your brand from the norm, whether it is branding your office interior to achieve an impressive look and feel of your brand, or creating well designed signage or exhibition booths. Our strategies and innovative solutions strongly connect brands with their target audience.

Guest list & corporate event management

At Advapro, we have taken guest list management to a whole new dimension. Be it an A-List event, or a town hall meeting with the market women in a Local Government Area or product launching in a high density location, we ensure that your guest list is properly managed thereby contributing to the required attendance at the Event. We also create „Theme Events‟ which builds emotional connection with your target market.


We use gamification; either physical or digital (apps or web based) to drive customer loyalty/ rewards, thereby fostering an emotive connection between your clients and your brand. This process, can also be adopted to help engage your employees and create a reward system, to encourage increased loyalty, better work ethic and profitability. Gamification is also effective for engaging teenagers and youths.

At Advapro, we have succeeded in using this approach to engage our audience. Our social media challenge produced a winner after a though competition among our fans.

In partnership with DULU.com, we provide a customer satisfaction solution called “Do You Like Us” (DULU). DULU® is a turnkey solution for retail and service chain organizations, that provides continuous customer satisfaction and intelligent reporting services to desired organizational units. It is suitable for any environment where customer satisfaction measurement and management is a must.

The solution is built to give real time feedback to the service provider.

LED Digital advertising Truck for Activation

Our mobile advertising truck is a highly engaging platform with still and video options. It is dedicated to covering every high traffic destination in Lagos. This we have been able to achieve in collaborative partnership.

CSR Interventions

We provide our clients with impactful, sustainable and measurable CSR options that will build their brand reputation and public profile making them socially responsible.

Branded collaterals

We provide an array of creative and bespoke branded collaterals, which not only sets your brand apart from the competition, but also creates a lasting impression on your clients.